Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rate-A-Restaurant #193: Massimo's Mudspot

Restaurant: Massimo's Mudspot

Location: 759 S La Brea Ave. (Mid-Wilshire)

Type of restaurant: Coffee

We stipulated: Meeting with my friend Joe for a quick coffee and hang... Mudspot seemed like the good place to do it: Close to work, on the drive home, and a good spot on a rainy, dark evening.

What we ordered: I got a large coffee -- $2.95.

High point: Massimo's Mudspot may be new, but it's got a comfortable, lived-in vibe that makes it feel like the coffeehouse has been there for years. Its laid-back vibe also couples nicely with all the people taking advantage of free wi-fi to create a large cast of regulars (so it seems). Also, they have Galaga -- the coolest 80s vidgame around (sorry, Ms. Pac-Man).

Low point: $2.95 for a large coffee? And for a large coffee that was just servicable? Definitely on the pricey side.

Overall impression: Mudspot definitely fills the void in that neighborhood for a hip coffeehouse to hang your hat. The drinks are still a work in progress.

Chance we'll go back: Mudspot won't be a regular gathering spot -- it's not quite close enough to the office to make that happen -- but it will be a possibility if I need to meet someone at a coffeehouse before or after work.

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