Monday, December 22, 2008

The Trader Joe's Taster: Mexican Hot Cocoa Cookies, Dark Chocolate Chipotle Hazelnuts and Edamame Hummus

Lucky we live in the land of Trader Joe's, right? Every week we stumble across another unique -- and most of the time, tasty (but not always) -- treat. And then we usually blog about it.

My latest loves include the Mexican Hot Cocoa Cookies, which yes, taste about as good as they sound. I love Mexican Hot Chocolate (with that nice, cinnamony spice) and I love cookies... so yes, the merger of two equals works out well. The consistency -- similar to Mexican wedding cake cookies -- makes for a nice crumble in your mouth as well.

Oh yeah, it's the holidays... so yes, we're going a little crazy with the sweets. But again, I couldn't pass up the promise of spicy dark chocolate "with a hint of cinnamon and cocoa." Sense a trend? Again, I was pleased with the results. I can do without the hazelnuts; I'm really here for the spice. And although this item promises "mild, smoky heat," I was actually impressed with how spicy they allowed it to be. I'm a big fan of mixing chocolate with other flavors (except orange, don't ask me why), and this wins.

I was also pleased with my edamame hummus selection, even though the edamame flavor may be too subtle to notice. I find that I tend not to like flavored hummus these days... it always leaves such a lingering, garlicky taste in your mouth. But the edamame hummus flavor was pleasant, and didn't leave a long-lasting aftertaste. I approve as well.

Wow, three for three. That's why we heart the TJs.

MEANWHILE, thanks to the Atwater Village Newbie for his holiday hint: TJs goodies are great gifts for people who don't live anywhere close to the chain.

Got any new Trader Joe's finds? Leave your comments below.

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