Wednesday, March 18, 2009

FREE L.A.: The L.A. Heritage Alliance's Second Annual L.A. Heritage Day

Click here to download a flyer for free entrance to this year's L.A. Heritage Day, held this Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Heritage Square Museum in Northeast Los Angeles.

The event brings together several of L.A.'s various history- and preservation-minded groups, as well as cultural institutions, and includes activities for kids and adults, as well as tours of the museum's historic structures.

Over 65 groups are participating this year, including the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Museum, Boyle Heights Historical Society, Los Angeles Conservancy, Hollywood Heritage, Highland Park Heritage Trust, Los Angeles City Historical Society, Culinary Historians of Southern California, Historic Adamson House/Malibu Lagoon Museum, Museum of the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation, and more.

A discription from the organizing sponsor:
The event is expected to draw over 500 attendees for a range of programs including children’s activities, living history interpretation, and panel discussions for both the public and heritage organizations on topics like what “historic” means in terms of buildings and districts, and how definitions vary among cities and neighborhoods & a panel on nonprofit fundraising in an era of diminished resources.

For an area widely (and erroneously) perceived as having no "real" history, the Los Angeles region has more than 200 historical
organizations, societies, and museums dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich and varied pasts of various regions, industries, and individuals. The L.A. Heritage Alliance is a network of preservation groups, museums, and historical societies launched in 2008 to unify and leverage their efforts. L.A. Heritage Day is the largest annual event produced by the all-volunteer L.A. Heritage Alliance.

We're going to head over there on Sunday; Heritage Square always depresses me, as it's a reminder that these buildings were moved from their original locales and dumped there as museum pieces. But it's still better than the alternative; had Heritage Square not been organized, even these buildings would have been demolished as well.

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