Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Los Angeles Magazine Hunts for "Mister L.A."

Which showman mosts personifies L.A.? Los Angeles magazine, which last year made waves for its 64 Greatest Things in L.A. poll, is this time looking to crown Mr. LA.

The candidates include Bob Baker, Eli Broad, Huell Howser, Magic Johnson, Jay Leno, Steve Lopez, Chris Nichols, Charles Phoenix, Wolfgang Puck, Kevin Roderick, Vin Scully and Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo.

Of course, there are plenty of names that didn't make the list -- what about Stan Chambers? (Of course, that would add one more old-white-guy to a list chock full of 'em.) But that's the point -- getting the conversation going.

Over at LA Observed, Roderick admits to being a bit embarrassed by the attention, and throws his lot behind Vin Scully. And Metblogs LA writers and readers toss a few more names out there: Ray Bradbury, Beck, Eric Garcetti and Jonathan Gold.

I'd also toss out Tom LaBonge -- but it appears that he was left off the list because the magazine actually crowned him "Mister LA" in their April issue. The mag said it was that designation that sparked this new poll. (Now, is "Ms. LA" to come?)

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