Friday, May 8, 2009

KROQ's Kevin & Bean Go National

KROQ's top-rated Kevin & Bean morning show is about to be nationally syndicated, joining the ranks of other local A.M. shows including KIIS' Ryan Seacrest and KPWR's Big Boy.

"Kevin & Bean" celebrates its 20th anniversary on KROQ next year, but up until now has only been syndicated to a few markets on the west coast, including Fresno and (just recently) Reno. The show's hyper focus on Los Angeles (they make fun of local institutions like KNBC's Paul Moyer and Doug Kriegel, for example, and even other KROQ personalities like Rodney Bingenheimer and Jed the Fish) and its reliance on in-jokes that reward loyal listeners might make the show an unusual candidate for nation-wide syndication.

But "Kevin & Bean" has been a dominant ratings success in L.A. for several years now, and its ability to attract big-name stars -- remember, when audio of Christian Bale chewing out a crewmember hit the Internet, he called in to K&B to do damage control -- could make it a national draw as well. The move also comes as radio groups trim even more talent across the country and continue to turn to more out-of-market syndicated fare to fill the airwaves.

Here's the release from Westwood One, which will start offering "Kevin & Bean" nationally beginning this Monday:

New York, NY – May 8, 2009 – Westwood One is pleased to announce that it will begin airing The Kevin & Bean Show on radio stations nationwide on May 11, 2009.

The Kevin & Bean Show has been one of Southern California’s top-rated morning radio shows for more than two decades on flagship KROQ-FM.

"The Kevin & Bean show is one of the strongest and engaging programs on radio,” said Max Krasny, Westwood One SVP Entertainment. “We are thrilled to partner with KROQ and bring the Kevin and Bean show to listeners across America. This program will be a tremendous value for our affiliates, advertisers, and listeners across the country.”

"The Kevin and Bean show on The World Famous KROQ has consistently been one of the top rated morning shows in Los Angeles for fifteen plus years,” Kevin Weatherly, SVP Programming, CBS Radio. “Now it's time to unleash them on the rest of the country. We're confident this partnership with Westwood One will allow stations in other markets to reap the benefits of having one of the most compelling and entertaining shows on radio."

“We never got to do a morning show in places like Fresno and Reno on the way up so we are thrilled to have the chance on the way down,” said Bean.

"What? Nobody told me anything about this," added Kevin.

About Kevin & Bean
"The Kevin and Bean Show originates each weekday morning from the World Famous KROQ in Los Angeles, California. But how can you tell if our radio show is right for you? Take our easy quiz. Here are two groups of things. Which list sounds most appealing to you? Group 'A': Metallica, Grand Theft Auto, Kobe Bryant, The United States Of America, Family Guy, Megan Fox, Foo Fighters, Stephen Colbert, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Puppies. Group 'B': Ashlee Simpson, Keno, Butt Hair, Arbor Day, According To Jim, O.J. Simpson, Ryan Seacrest, Rabies, Speed Traps, Mud, Good Charlotte, Death. If you prefer Group 'A' then please enjoy your new favorite entertainment program. We were made for each other. If you prefer Group 'B' then please just move along. We are just a blind date that didn't work out. We'll both be happier with other people anyway." - Alex Warren, Executive Producer, KROQ, The Kevin & Bean Show.

Remember when K&B called French president Jacques Chirac, and got him on the air thanks to Ralph Garman's Jerry Lewis impersonation? We wrote about it back in 2003.

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