Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Franklin Avenue Live Tweets the Michael Jackson Memorial

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OK, we're all now officially jackasses for Tweeting this memorial. Good night!
12:42 from TweetDeck

Marlon: The most underrated Jackson.
12:38 from TweetDeck

Oops: Jackson kept his kids shrouded in anonymity for years... only for them to appear right now on stage, televised to the entire world.
12:32 from TweetDeck

"This is It" -- turns out to be an unfortunate title for the concerts that will now never happen...
12:28 from TweetDeck

Really? A "Britain's Got Talent" finalist? OK, maybe it's time to wrap things up, folks. I'm starting to fear a Sanjaya appearance.
12:20 from TweetDeck

This is all fine, but what are Jon & Kate doing? RIGHT NOW. C'mon @usweekly, get off your lazy ass and tell me.
12:12 from TweetDeck

Just a note now: At my memorial service, please don't reference my acquittal for child molestation. Probably not necessary. Thanks.
12:01 from TweetDeck

Holding out for Corey Feldman's turn at the podium.
11:59 from TweetDeck

Apparently MLK III's promised land is very well catered.
11:53 from TweetDeck

OK, enough Jermaine. BRING ME TITO.
11:51 from TweetDeck

Bam! First "Blanket" ref of the morning!! Thanks Brooke!
11:46 from TweetDeck

Does anyone know whether Brooke Shields gets custody of Emmanuel Lewis?
11:41 from TweetDeck

Sharpton to kids: "Ain't nothing strange about your daddy!" Kids to Sharpton: "Uhh, thanks?"
11:39 from TweetDeck

Oh I'm sure AEG is on it. Kaching! RT @geoffberkshire: When can I download these Stevie Wonder and Jennifer Hudson performances for my iPod?
11:26 from TweetDeck

Gonna have to switch off the ABC web stream. Anchor just asked a pundit how this compares to the outpouring after Tupac's death. Whaa?
11:23 from TweetDeck

Must admit, this is a pretty well-done memorial. Kinda wish I'd tried to get tix. Was turned off by the whole spectacle, but classy so far
11:11 from TweetDeck

Poor Mayor V -- as @laobserved notes, our camera-lovin' mayor is on vacation (with Lu!), missing all this: http://bit.ly/FA59A
11:03 from TweetDeck

Boom! First Tito reference of the morning! Thanks, Barry Gordy.
10:58 from TweetDeck

Anyone else relieved/surprised to see that Ryan Seacrest isn't hosting this?
10:55 from TweetDeck

Psst, cops are a little distracted at the moment. Who's up for a little looting?
10:39 from TweetDeck

If a billion people really watching this, then I suppose Staples really did get its money's worth. Global urge to buy office products now?
about 2 hours ago from TweetDeck

If this is really "In Memory of Michael Jackson," what's with the unflattering pic of the King of Pop on the Staples Center screen?
about 3 hours ago from TweetDeck

This seems like a good time to remind everyone that Jermaine Jackson named his 8-year-old girl "Jermajesty." Say it out loud.
about 3 hours ago from TweetDeck

AEG's Tim Leiweke has been making the media rounds... and I notice how his grin keeps getting bigger. Just like the "Ka-ching" in his ears.
about 3 hours ago from TweetDeck

Does anyone know if Bubbles is attending? And is Muscles still alive?
about 3 hours ago from TweetDeck

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