Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Los Angeles Doesn't Play Itself: "Parks and Recreation" Edition

As we have written in the past, NBC's Amy Poehler comedy "Parks and Recreation" makes great use of Los Angeles-area landmarks as stand ins for the show's fictional Pawnee, Indiana.

Most recently, downtown's famed Clifton's Cafeteria doubled as Pawnee's cheesy dinosaur-themed restaurant "Jurassic Fork." (A slew of mechanical dinosaurs were added to Clifton's to set the scene.)

Here are some pix from the episode, in which the "Parks and Rec" team take Tom (Aziz Ansari) to the ridiculous prehistoric restaurant to cheer him up"

And here's the view inside the real-life kitschy Clifton's. The location, part of what was once a bustling cafeteria chain, is also known as Clifton's Brookdale -- and its forest/national park theme still draws a crowd. Clifton's is located at the corner of 7th and Broadway.

Because of its surreal environment, Clifton's is a popular spot for Hollywood location scouts.

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