Friday, January 08, 2010

Downtown, Today vs. 50 Years Ago

I've been meaning for days to mention the L.A. Times' cool photo gallery of shots taken via the top of City Hall in 1951 and now.

I'm a sucker for these kind of "then and now" photo juxtapositions -- I own several books that similarly chronicle old and new Los Angeles. But there's something even cooler in being able to quickly click back and forth to see what's new -- and what's gone.

The shots above face west from City Hall; besides the obvious rise of the skyscraper (and the tragic destruction of the art deco Richfield building), I'm struck by the shrinking Bunker Hill. It's been documented that the city flattened the hill after removing all of the old Victorians and other buildings there (another sigh), and this photo comparison shows how much was dramatically sliced off the hill.

Check out more here.

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