Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eagle Rock's Rockin' Kids Shop to Shut Down

We've written many times about Eagle Rock's kid-centric corridor -- Swork coffee shop, Twerps, the Kumquat Outlet and Rockin' Kid Shop (not to mention the library around the corner).

Sadly, the bad economy has caught up to Rockin' Kid Shop, which is shutting down at the start of February.

The store is currently selling much of its clothing at 50% -- which meant good deals when we visited this weekend. I picked up a Nirvana tee and another shirt with a subway train for Evan, as well as a onesie for the Blogger Baby 2.0.

I'm not 100% surprised; Rockin' Kid's clothes weren't cheap. In better times, the store did fine. But in this tighter economic era, the store couldn't keep up.

Down the block, Twerps -- which sells mostly second-hand clothes -- remains open.

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