Monday, February 08, 2010

Local Media Notes: KNBC Traffic Reporter Undergoes Brain Surgery; Former KOST Host Finds New Home

:: "Today in L.A." traffic anchor Paul Johnson has been absent for several weeks -- leading several viewers to leave comments on KNBC/Channel 4's web site, asking what happened.

KNBC finally addressed Johnson's condition on Friday, noting that he had undergone brain surgery. The station reports:

If you're wondering where Paul Johnson is, you're not alone. We've had tons of emails and calls, and Paul wants you to know that he's truly grateful for your concern.

Paul underwent brain surgery the last week of January and is at home recovering. He's doing well, walking his dogs and hoping to get back up on that horse. Yes, literally -- he and his wife Nancy have a horse in the back yard, right next to the putting green, so he has all three things he loves the most around him at all times. Well, four things, if you count the Great Dane therapy dogs, Sampson and Atlas, that he counts as part of his family.

Johnson has been with KNBC since 1988.

:: The last we heard of Kim Amidon, the longtime Los Angeles radio personality was let go by KOST after nearly 22 years as Mark Wallengren's co-host.

After a few years off the air, Amidon is back, and serving as a weekend DJ on KTWV "The Wave" 94.7 FM.

The move comes as Kim's former KOST boss, Jhani Kaye (who has more recently overseen KRTH "K-Earth"), recently added oversight of "The Wave" to his duties.

Kaye has been charged with updating "The Wave's" sound -- and perhaps go directly against his old KOST home. Hiring Amidon is a part of that.

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