Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where Old Hollywood and Old Los Angeles Collide

NBC's old Sunset and Vine facility, circa 1940s. Sadly, long since demolished. Now the site of a bank.

Old Los Angeles and Old TV/Old Hollywood? Sounds straight up my alley.

The non-profit Hollywood Heritage Museum is featuring a lecture and book signing by archivist Marc Wanamaker. The event, to be held on Wednesday, April 14, is in conjunction with the recent release of Wanamaker's "Hollywood 1940 - 2008."

Bison Archives, where Wanamaker is based, is behind the event. Details:

Marc Wanamaker presents a photographic history of Hollywood... Illustrations include parks and recreations, hotels and motels, residences, film studios, business community, restaurants and nightclubs, radio and television, theater and Hollywood redevelopment.

Hollywood transformed after the great depression with the help of the motion picture and radio industries. People were streaming to Los Angeles from around the world looking for work in the entertainment industries, thus fueling development. Housing, entertainment and business services thrived, changing the physical landscape and creating new landmarks.

Hollywood Heritage Museum: Evening at The Barn
2100 N. Highland Avenue (Across from Hollywood Bowl)
Free Parking
Admission: $5.00 for Hollywood Heritage Members; $10.00 for non-members

Some shots from Wanamaker's collection:

An even older pic (from 1937)-- when NBC was at 5515 Melrose -- where Paramount is. This location became the home to KCAL/9, where it resided until a few years ago (when KCAL moved in with KCBS)

Columbia Square -- home to CBS stations for decades, now empty.

Back when ABC was on Vine, in Hollywood

Grauman's Chinese Theater

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