Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Los Angeles Cameo: Metblogs L.A.'s "L.A. Plays Itself" Series

Metblogs L.A. is chronicling some of the better-known films in which Los Angeles is front and center.

Like the unreleased Thom Andersen movie chronicling L.A.'s role in film, the Metblogs L.A. series is titled "L.A. Plays Itself." Among the features that Metblogs has already chronicled:

Riot On The Sunset Strip
Repo Man
The Limey
Blue Thunder
Barton Fink
Midnight Madness
(500) Days of Summer
Mildred Pierce
The Omega Man
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Blade Runner
Valley of the Dolls & Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls
LA Confidential
Double Indemnity
It’s A Bikini World
Earth Girls Are Easy
Valley Girl
The Big Lebowski

As you know, I've always been partial to "Midnight Madness" -- which, of course, inspired our Mike's Birthday Race and sequel Mike and Maria's Halloween Housewarming Race.

Of course, this is just a sprinkling of the movies that have featured Los Angeles over the years. Any thoughts on other movies Metblogs should include?

Above, a clip from "Los Angeles Plays Itself," focusing on the frequent use of downtown's historic Bradbury Building. And below, the use of iconic Los Angeles residences in film.

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