Thursday, June 03, 2010

L.A.'s Latest Food Truck, "The Manila Machine," Powers Up

Maria and I were just discussing the lack of upscale, gourmet-style Filipino restaurants. (The subject was also the focus of a recent L.A. Times Food section article.)

That led us to eventually start wondering why there wasn't yet a Filipino entry among L.A.'s ever-increasing army of food trucks. Such a truck could offer up unique takes on adobo or lumpia, we imagined.

Finally, someone is taking up the cause. The food bloggers behind Burnt Lumpia and Let Me Eat Cake are launching The Manila Machine in the coming days.

The Manila Machine's menu includes pan de sal sliders, lumpia and two kinds of adobo (chicken and pork belly/pineapple). Desserts include halo halo, turon and leche flan. Follow the Manila Machine's Twitter here.

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