Monday, June 28, 2010

MONA's Neon Tour Lights Up Our Saturday Night

At the invitation of Franklin Avenue friend Eric Lynxwiler -- better known these days as "Mr. Saturday Night," as dubbed by L.A. Weekly -- we boarded the doubledecker bus this Saturday to take part in the Museum of Neon Art's weekly Neon Cruise.

We had taken MONA's neon cruise once before -- read our post from November 2008. But we hadn't taken the tour with Eric at the mic. Do yourself a favor and try to make sure you take the neon tour with him, as Eric mixes the right amount of Los Angeles historic knowledge (he'll tell you anything you need to know about L.A.'s downtown buildings) and humor.

Plus, did I mention that the MONA neon tour comes with booze? Yep, the wine and beer are flowing as you ride on the open-air top deck of the bus through downtown, Hollywood and West Hollywood. Just watch out for those tree branches.

A few pics I managed to snap as dusk fell over the City of Angels:

Meanwhile, some snaps of the MONA floor, including both permanent exhibition pieces of old neon signs, as well as neon artwork created by Bill Concannon (as part of the special exhibit "Recycled, Reclaimed and Reinvented").

Maria with Eric -- and his prized neon tie.

The MONA neon art tour is a great way to see L.A. from a different perspective -- including with beverage in hand and on top of a double decker bus. Go here for more info.

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