Monday, October 04, 2010

Scenes from This Year's Eagle Rock Music Festival

For this year's 12th Annual Eagle Rock Music Festival, we figured out how to do it right with young kids: Show up early. As in, right-when-it-opens-at-4 p.m. early.

We were rewarded with a parking spot on Colorado Blvd., not too far from the Eagle Rock Blvd. intersection (where the festival begins). And it also gave us a few hours of sunlight to stroll up and down Colorado Blvd. to soak it all in.

What we got to see: An eclectic mix of bands and DJs; street art; booths featuring local businesses; and plenty of people watching. And even though we missed the headlining bands by coming early, we actually got to see some pretty good music. From Spanish rock to indie pop to DJ sets to moody, catchy shoegaze tunes, we caught a lot in a little amount of time. And even cooler, we got to expose the Blogger Kid and the Blogger Baby 2.0 to some live music.

We also wound up grabbing food at Brownstone Pizza for a few slices on the way out. And Swork employees were passing out 2-for-1 latte coupons. Gotta love Eagle Rock.

A few pics from this year's festival:

Honeybreath (at the Kingsize Soundlabs/The Ship Stage) -- Blogger Baby 2.0 enjoyed grooving out to this band's ethereal sounds. And as you can see above, Honeybreath was a hit with the tykes in the crowd, who rushed to the front (while their too-cool parents stood back and quietly grooved).

Moses Campbell (at the Emerging Stage) -- another great-sounding indie pop band, and yes, with violin!

Chicano Batman -- cool name for a band, by the way -- performs on the Global Stage (the Dublab "Future Roots" stage)

DJ at the Low End Theory stage (the DJ sets attracted some of the largest crowds early in the evening)

Colorado Blvd. around 5:30 p.m. (The line at Oinkster was still out the door, natch.)

Not sure what's going on in that middle Port-a-Potty, but stay away.

Colorado Wine Co.'s message to hipster parents: There will be no wine tastings with your child in your lap. (Damn!)

Coolest backdrop ever? Standing in front of a mural depicting record spines from all types of genres.

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