Monday, October 4, 2010

24 Hours Over LAX

Cool video via Airboyd.TV, which posted animation of real airplane traffic traveling in and out of Los Angeles International Airport. Notice how it's busy nonstop, then slows down slightly in the middle of the night, before getting out of control in the morning.

Here's some of what Airboyd writes:

Los Angeles LAX is the fourth busiest airport (2009) in the world by by traffic movements and a major gateway to Asia, Hawaii, and the South Pacific. Many major U.S. airlines, such as American, Continental, United, and Alaska, use LAX as a hub.

Three major traffic routes are visible in the animation. The southern corridor consists of flights to Phoenix, Dallas, Houston and Florida.

The middle corridor runs from Denver to Chicago and on to the northeast. The Pacific coast corridor connects LA to San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.

Compared to other airports, LAX remains busy throughout the night.

For a follow-up, checkout this 24 Hour of World Flight video.

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