Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Choice Cuts: Franklin Avenue's Favorite Tracks of 2010, Part 2

4. "Sun Hands" -- Local Natives

Silver Lake's own (by way of Orange County) Local Natives was featured on several of Franklin Avenue's playlists this year, as the group's debut CD, "Gorilla Manor," was a fave. "Sun Hands," which features the group's harmonies leading up to a powerful climax, was one of my faves.

5. "The High Road" -- Broken Bells

Broken Bells -- the duo consisting of uber producer Danger Mouse and The Shins vocalist James Mercer -- came on the scene big this year, starting with their lead-off single, "The High Road." Their self-titled CD, released in March, remains a favorite of 2010. Danger Mouse -- real name: Brian Burton -- reps the second producer on our Choice Cuts end-of-year collection, along with Mark Ronson. (His partnership with Cee-Lo, Gnarls Barkley, was also a Choice Cuts favorite.)

6. "Symphonies" -- Dan Black feat. Kid Cudi

Dan Black's "Symphonies" was a minor hit this year in its original version, but I'm partial to this reworked version featuring Kid Cudi. It's been quite a year for both artists: Kid Cudi received three 2010 Grammy nominations and starred in HBO's "How to Make it in America," while Dan Black's debut album "UN" was released this year. Black's video for "Symphonies" (above) also scored multiple MTV Video Music Award nominations.

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