Wednesday, December 08, 2010

L.A. Shoot: A Rainy Police Funeral on Wilshire

Wilshire Blvd. was backed up this morning to make room for a heavily attended police funeral. Umbrellas were up and the city's Finest were decked in blue.

Except... you guessed it. There was no actual police funeral in Los Angeles on Wednesday. It wasn't raining. And those weren't real cops.

It was another in what's always a common sight in L.A.: A film shoot. What made this unique, however, was the sheer number of extras, all dressed in police uniform, standing on the steps of the Gothic revival 1928 Immanuel Presbyterian Church.

I didn't get a chance to see what this shoot was for -- including whether it was a TV show or a movie. But given the choice of church and the number of umbrellas, I think it's safe to assume the shoot isn't for a project actually set in Los Angeles (so it wasn't "Law & Order: LA"). Could it be TV's "Blue Bloods"? Or perhaps something else?

I haven't been able to ID it just yet; On Location Vacations, which does a pretty good job putting together outdoor shoot roundups, has nothing on its site.

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