Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tales of a Comic-Con Newbie

Comic-Con 2011 Spielberg Pic

My first Comic-Con experience was perhaps different from most; moderating four -- yes, four -- panels ("Shameless," "Chuck," "Community" and "Charlie's Angels") made it baptism by fire. And having the big TV Guide Magazine presence (including a mini yacht behind the convention center) was quite nice as well. So yeah, this was exactly the way to do Comic-Con for the first time. And I had quite a blast.

Surreal moment: Standing by an escalator as Steven Spielberg and his entourage suddenly arrived. I whipped out my Blackberry camera, while photogs around me also shot pics of him. In turn, Spielberg whipped out his iPhone and began taking pictures of us. "Don't forget to tag me, Steven," shouted one paparazzi.

Disgusting moment: Opening a drawer in my hotel room (at Little Italy's Porto Vista Hotel) and finding a bag of Q-Tips and a big jar of foot cream. Um, gross?

Small world moment: Finishing up the "Community" panel and discovering that a college pal, Maggie Bandur, had just joined the show as a writer.

Emotional moment: Pulling off the final "Chuck" panel without a hitch, getting some real emotion out of star Zachary Levi, and riding high knowing that it all worked out. Whew.

Zinger moment: "Shameless" star Emmy Rossum was either offended, or feigned offense when I asked her the nudity question. "Emmy, I was actually referring to William H. Macy's ass," I responded.

Delicious moment: Biting the ear off a Yoda cookie made by the one and only JustJenn.

More from the floor:

Comic-Con 2011 Spielberg
Spielberg heads up the escalator.

Comic-Con 2011 R2D2
Drinks, anyone?

Comic-Con 2011 Childrens Hospital
Megan Mullally and Ken Marino chat about "Childrens Hospital."

Comic-Con 2011 Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken costume.

Comic-Con 2011 Yoda Cookies
JustJenn's Yoda cookies.

Comic-Con 2011 Stormtroopers
It wouldn't be a Comic-Con without stormtroopers.

Comic-Con 2011 Shrek
The Shreks.

Comic-Con 2011 HeMan

Comic-Con 2011 DeLorean
One of two DeLoreans on the floor.

Comic-Con 2011 DeLorean 2
The other DeLorean.

Comic-Con 2011 South Park
South Park.

Comic-Con 2011 South Park
Inside South Park.

Comic-Con 2011 Legos

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