Monday, July 25, 2011

Live from Comic-Con: Monkeying Around with the Cast of "Community"

Community Panel
(Flickr pic by Cody Tuthill.)

Yes, I'm a very, very lucky guy. Not only did I get to moderate the fifth and final "Chuck" panel (watch it here) for Comic-Con this year, but I also got to do the same for season three of "Community." And lemme tell you, the fans were even wilder. My favorite part of the whole Comic-Con? When I led the crowd of 2,000 into a rousing "Pop-POP!" (If you don't watch the show, well, just go Google the name "Magnitude.")

The cast, except Alison Brie, was all there, as was creator Dan Harmon... and yes, the monkey known as "Annie's Boobs." Watch!

UPDATE: Wait a sec, I see that NBC edited out my "Pop-POP" call and response! See it here:

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