Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Is Dunkin' Donuts Finally on the Way to Los Angeles?

Don't get your hopes up yet. We've been asking the question for years: Why no Dunkin' Donuts in Los Angeles? The chain left Southern California nearly 20 years ago, and so far rumors of its return have been just that: Rumors.

But today, the company gave another hint that it is in aggressive expansion mode -- and one would have to assume that Southern California is a gaping hole in their nationwide strategy. Here's what CNN Money had to say:

Dunkin' Donuts plans to double its locations in the United States over the next 20 years, the company announced Wednesday.

The coffee and doughnut chain currently operates nearly 7,000 stores nationwide. Each new store adds an average of 20 to 25 new employees, both full and part-time a Dunkin spokeswoman said.

Dunkin' Donuts controls roughly 23% of the coffee and snack-shop market, according to Los Angeles-based industry research firm IBISWorld.

Of course, before you get too excited, Dunkin Donuts' owner made essentially the same announcement back in 2005. And granted, a move into SoCal is not mentioned in this latest statement, six years later. Plus, "20 years" is quite a long time frame. So for now, you still gotta drive to Las Vegas for your fix.

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