Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rate-A-Restaurant #267: Los Feliz Cafe


Restaurant: Los Feliz Cafe

Location: 3207 Los Feliz Blvd (Atwater Village)

Type of restaurant: Diner


We stipulated: I took the boys on a bike ride on the L.A. River Bike Path, and on the way back via Los Feliz Blvd., we were getting hungry for lunch. My usual standby, the Village, was closed for some reason... and after 15 years of driving by that big "EAT" sign next to the Los Feliz golf course, it was time to finally check it out.


They stipulated: Mostly outdoor seating; seat yourself; a varied menu that includes everything from breakfast items to shawrma.


What we ordered: Chicken Shawarma Sandwich - $6.50; French Toast - $5.50

High point: The prices are right, and the location -- overlooking the golf course made famous in "Swingers" -- is pleasant.

Low point: The food itself is nothing special. The French toast with the fast food syrup dipping container was particularly disappointing. And then I had to beg for my bill, which is always a pet peeve. (Are you not in a rush to get paid?)


Overall impression: The menu is all over the map -- what is this place trying to be? If it wants to go Middle Eastern, commit to that, rather than offering a bland Chicken Shawarma. But don't put that next to beef tacos, angel hair pasta and chicken wings, and expect to be taken seriously.

Chance we'll go back: No. There are plenty of other nearby breakfast or diner options available.

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qazwsx said...

Try Cafe Los Feliz on Hillhurst instead.

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