Monday, June 11, 2012

My Day(s) at the Passport Agency

Passport Office

Getting a last-minute passport isn't ideal, but if you ever find yourself on a last-minute trip and needing to renew your passport, make sure you cushion in as many days as possible as you visit the Federal Building's Passport Office and pay the extra $60 expedite fee. On Thursday last week, my appointment was at 10:30 a.m. -- so I got there at 9:45. I finally saw a Passport Office agent at around 11:45.

It took 2 minutes to submit my paperwork and go on my way. OK. I'll just quickly pick it up at Will Call on Friday, right? Right. 11 a.m., come back tomorrow.

Passport Office

I came back on Friday -- at noon, figuring I'd give them a bit more time to finish the job. The line at Will Call snaked around the Federal Building. I was not going to make my 1 p.m. lunch. I moved it to 1:30. The line slowly moved. I finally got to the front at about 1:30. I had pushed my lunch again to 2.

"Sorry, your passport isn't ready yet. Get back in line."

Passport Office

That's me. Whaaaa???

I got back in line. My passport was finally ready at 2:30. The people standing in line in front of me had been through the line four times. They had a 5:45 flight. Talk about cutting it close -- but they finally got their passports at 2:30 as well, and booked it to LAX. Me? Annoyed at having missed my lunch. But at least I got my passport.

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