Monday, June 11, 2012

Donald Sterling Does It Again, Bends The Species Rules

Donald Sterling ad

As you know, we celebrate Donald T. Sterling's L.A. Times ads as the worst photoshopped newspaper ads in the world. There's plenty of evidence to back that up, just look at our roundup of past Donald Sterling blog posts here.

Last time we mentioned a Sterling ad, it was because his graphic designer hadn't even bothered to buy the rights to a stock photo, and instead slapped a photo watermarked with "STOCK PHOTO" wording still on the photo!

But at least past portrayals of Donald T. Sterling -- always a blurry, blown-out-of-proportion shot of him -- have suggested he was human. But looking at today's L.A. Times ad, I'm impressed that Sterling has finally come out as a Centaur -- half man, half horse. Congrats!


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This is the proof that a person can do better when motivated. Even Sterling's works improves. From blurry to headlines. Good job.

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