Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Visit to Downtown's Old May Co. Building

Los Angeles, CA The May Company Department Store
(Flickr pic via army.arch)

Born as Hamburger's Department Store in 1903 (read more here, the May Co. bought Hamburger's and took over this building (at 8th and Broadway) as its flagship downtown Los Angeles location in 1923. Sadly, May Co. abandoned it in the mid-1980s. Now sadly crumbling as the Broadway Trade Center, there are still some hints of its glorious past, both inside and out. "The May Company" signs remain, as do little "H"s found all over the facade for "Hamburger's." We recently walked inside, and I took some pics of what we saw:

May Co.

May Co.
A leftover directory of how the May Co. was organized before shutting down.

May Co.
Disassembled escalator

May Co.
Inside May Co. now

May Co.

May Co.
"Erected 1903"

The May Co. and Robinson's merged in the early 1990s to form Robinsons-May -- but as you know, Macy's bought out Robinsons-May and eliminated the brand in 2008. Want more May Co. history? Check out the Department Store Museum here.

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shannon said...

Eric Lynxwiler and I urban explored this building a few years ago. somehow we made it all the way upstairs to the top floor but it was just corridors with offices. nothing fun to see.

on our way down the stairwell we found that all the doors leading to the floors were locked and were afraid we were trapped in the stairwell. luckily the very last door at the bottom was unlocked. fun times!

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