Thursday, September 05, 2013

This Is Terrible: The New Yahoo! Logo

New logo

For the past month, Yahoo! has teased its users with the promise of a new logo. A different logo appeared daily over the last 30 days... and they were all pretty horrible. Many looked like Yahoo! execs were simply playing with the fonts pre-installed on their computers. Some were downright appalling. I began to wonder if Yahoo! was really going to change its logo, or if they were purposely showcasing horrible logo concepts as a joke.

My original theory? Yahoo! would end the month by sticking with its logo, using those horrible alternate options as proof that there was truly nothing better. Why mess with an iconic brand?

Well, they went and did it anyway. And came up with something dull, uninspiring and limp. This thin, inconsequential logo is the new Yahoo! stamp? Why bother? At least the old logo, for all its problems, conveyed originality and fun. This new one... well, it looks like something that someone came up with in 7 minutes.

I'm really tired of brands with perfectly fine logos going and blowing it up... for what? If you come up with a better logo, great. But it's gotta be amazing. And Yahoo! has come up with... a yawn.

Here's their original logo:

old logo

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