Sunday, March 16, 2014

MIKE ON RADIO: Reporting for KCRW's "Press Play," Live From SXSW

Last week in Austin for SXSW, I called up KCRW's "Press Play with Madeleine Brand" to give them the low down on how TV -- called "episodics" -- was taking over the festival. Listen to my report on the Tuesday, March 11 episode.

My report is 15 minutes in. Here's the description:

The ever-expanding South-By-Southwest festival in Austin opened its doors to a new group this year: The TV industry. But they’re not calling the new section “TV” - because, what is TV anymore, when so much original content is coming from sites like Netflix and Hulu? We check-in with TV Guide’s Michael Schneider, who’s checking out the scene at SXSW.

And here's where you can stream the episode:

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