Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Rate-A-Restaurant #368: Jus' Poke (Redondo Beach)

Jus Poke

Restaurant: Pokenoya

Location: 501 N. Pacific Coast Highway (Redondo Beach)

Type of restaurant: Poke / Hawaiian (new)

Jus Poke

We stipulated: After a day at Manhattan Beach, we wanted to try something new in the South Bay. You know my frustration with mainland poke joints that just don't make 'em like they do in da islands. Here's a joint that does just that.

They stipulated: "Jus' Poke is an ohana-owned, authentic, Hawaiian poke restaurant located in beautiful Redondo Beach, CA. We pride ourselves in serving only the best cuts of fish in our traditional ohana recipes. Co-owner, Stefanie Honda, is no stranger to the ancient Hawaiian dish, as she grew up making poke along side her mother and father who are both deeply rooted in Hawaii. As a South Bay native, Stefanie has always been drawn to the sea. She comes from a long line of fishermen and surfers and continues the tradition here in Redondo with her ohana."

Jus Poke

What we ordered: wasabi poke (jus' poke wasabi sauce, sweet onions, green onions, ogo, tobiko, serrano peppers); california roll poke (cucumber, tobiko, avocado, imitation crab) both $9. Also spam musubi ($2) and coconut/pineapple ice cream ($3)

Jus Poke

High point:  The wasabi poke was the perfect amount of spice -- plus the fish was fresh-tasting, the rice was perfectly cooked.
Low point:  Can't think of any!

Jus Poke

Overall impression: A trip back to Hawai'i, from the music on the speaker (Hawaiian reggae) to the wide selection of Hawaiian Sun. Plus the poke? Broke da mout'!


Jus Poke

Will we return: Absolutely. I just wish it was closer!

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