Sunday, December 3, 2017

Rate-A-Restaurant #380: Jinya Ramen (Hollywood) Is No Express

Restaurant: Jinya Ramen Express

Location: Hollywood and Highland Center (Hollywood)

Type of restaurant: Ramen

We stipulated: Blogger Kid 2.0 and I were in Hollywood to buy and sell at Amoeba, but the kid also insisted on visiting Hollywood and Highland for lunch. There aren't many quick and easy lunch choices there, but I finally sold him on Jinya Ramen express..

They stipulated: This is the Chipotle-style ordering equivalent of ramen. Choose a broth, a noodle style, a protein, and a limited number of garnishes.

What we ordered: Mike: Ramen (10.99) with chicken spicy broth, thin noodles, grilled marinated chicken, kikurage, cilantro, tomato, jalapeno, buttered corn, spicy sauce. Kid: side of fried chicken (three pieces, $3)

High point:  The broth lived up to the right amount of spice, and I liked the choice of garnishes.

Low point:  Oh where to begin. The wait was awful -- I've gotten my ramen faster at actual restaurants. Something broke down in the system, as people in line waited a really long time for their orders. My guess is they didn't have noodles ready, and it took time to cook -- which defeats the entire purpose of "Express."

Overall impression: The ramen wound up actually being surprisingly good considering how lacking in care it seemed to be, as the people behind the counter splashed items in a bowl.

Will we return: I'll find my ramen elsewhere.


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