Monday, November 22, 2004

Holy Pumpkin Bread, Batman

A few years ago, a friend confided that she was addicted to the pumpkin bread produced and sold by cloistered Dominican Nuns at a Monastery situated at the foot of the Hollywood Hills.

"A Monastery in Hollywood?" I asked, dumbfounded.


"... here in California?"

Sure enough, the Monastery of the Angels can be found in the middle of Hollywood, just down the street from the Cafe 101. Their specialty is pumpkin bread, but the nuns also make homemade candy (their peanut butter truffle was featured recently on L.A. Weekly's Best Of issue). Also sold are gift items such as knitted caps and booties for kids.

The Monastery's gift shop is open from 8 am to 5 pm. The door may be closed sometimes; if that's the case, you need to ring the bell and wait for someone to let you in.

They may first open the little keyhole and ask what you need. Tell them you're there to buy the bread and they'll let you in. This process just adds to the whole experience. Once inside, the nuns are sweet and helpful and you may even get a nice blessing from them.

If you're on a pumpkin fix and pumpkin pie just won't do it for you, try the Monastery's Pumpkin Bread ($7 -- sounds like a lot, but trust me. It's good). Guaranteed to go well with a good cup or coffee, tea or warm milk.

We included the Monastery of the Angels on this year's Mike & Maria's Halloween Housewarming Race. Here, a gratuitous nun shot from Team Doo's album.

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