Thursday, April 28, 2005

L.A. tidbits

Thursday in Los Angeles (new items added to original post)...

:: Could Southern California be on the verge of losing TV institution "The Tonight Show"? The NBC talk show has been based in Burbank since 1972, when Johnny Carson moved out here from New York.

Now, as the Associated Press reports, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg is trying to convince Conan O'Brien -- who takes over for Jay Leno at the "Tonight Show" desk in 2009 -- that he ought to remain in New York, and make "The Tonight Show" come to him.

Writes the paper: "It's not up to me, I work for the man. If he says 'yeah,' we're fine. So we'll talk," O'Brien told Bloomberg, who appeared on his current NBC show, Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

:: Chicago-based shock jock Mancow Muller is coming to L.A.

The DJ will take over morning drive, from 4:30 to 9 a.m., on Clear Channel sports outlet 570 AM "XTRA Sports" (KLAC). Sez a Clear Channel press release:

Clear Channel LA has decided to reinvent New York's WFAN's morning formula on the West Coast with XTRA Sports AM 570.  Don Martin General Manager of XTRA Sports 570 says, "We are here to shatter the myth that sports lovers need sports 24/7.   If you look at what works in morning drive, in every format, it's entertainment.  Entertainment wins, period.  So we went and got the most entertaining show out there."   

Mancow is widely known as the only talent in the top ten markets to ever consistently beat The Howard Stern Show in the ratings.

They're referring to the fact that New York's all-sports WFAN breaks with the format in the morning, when it serves as Don Imus' flagship station. That's all well and good, but WFAN has been one of the nation's top-billing radio stations for several years. XTRA barely ekes out ratings.

Not sure if Mancow will translate here. Another jock originating from Chicago, Jonathan Brandmeier, hasn't been able to make waves here, despite several attempts (most recently at the now-defunt Arrow 93).

UPDATE:'s Sean recounts here why he won't be sending out the welcome wagons for Mancow.

:: The L.A. Times picks up on the controversy at La CaƱada High School over the drama department's decision to stage the darkly satirical musical "Bat Boy," co-written by LA blogger Brian Flemming.

:: Anti-immigration groups are up in arms over a billboard for KRCA (Channel 62) that has begun popping up around the region:

Yup, you can see what has caught their ire (from the Whittier Daily News): Billboards for Notiticias 62 found in several San Gabriel Valley locations depicts two newscasters posed in front of the Los Angeles skyline with "Los Angeles, CA" written above their heads.

The "CA" is crossed off and "Mexico" rewritten in bold, red letters.

A prominent statue in the center of the billboard is the Angel of Independence, a popular tourist attraction in Mexico City. It also says, "Tu Ciudad. Tu Equipo," or "Your City. Your Team."

:: I happened to be driving down Los Feliz boulevard on Monday when I saw a bright orange platform, like the one below, stationed outside the Laughlin Park gated community.

Turns out (via LA Blogs), that the group Heavy Trash erected the platform there, and also at Brentwood Circle and Park La Brea. From their site:

The purpose of these viewing platforms is to draw attention to the phenomenon of gated communities -- the fastest growing form of housing in the United States... Like the historic viewing platforms at the Berlin Wall that allowed Westerners to see into East Berlin, the Heavy Trash viewing platforms call attention to the walls of gated communities and provide visual access to parts of the city that have been cut off from the public domain.

Haven't been by recently, but I'm guessing the platforms have been removed by now. Anyone have more details?

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