Friday, August 19, 2005

Friday Wind-down

First off, listen to Bruddah Mike on KCSN tonight. Secondly, some random web tidbits that amused me today, for a slow summer Friday:

Shanghaist discovers that obscure "Growing Pains" kid Jeremy Miller is huge in China. (via TV Tattle)

With all the media hype surrounding Machado Lake's newly-monikered alligator Harbor Park Harry, local TV newscasters can't resist trying to be cute.

From Ron Fineman: For some reason, the alligator story seems to bring out a desire for being cute or clever. Sometimes that works better than others. For the not so clever, Laura Diaz said that the critter would be caught "sooner or gator." She added, "Yeah, I really said that."

Then Jennifer Sabih, who was doing the live report, said, "I wish I had thought of that." Sadly, I imagine she was serious.


Big Action points us to this 30-second remake of "Pulp Fiction," as done by cute, fluffy bunnies.

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