Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Fun with Craigslist

Scanning the latest "talent gigs" on Craiglist: Tyra Banks is hunting for big boobies; if you're a teenage African-American albino please contact Chris Rock immediately; and Dr. Phil is trolling for dates.

The items:


Are you a large breasted woman that is in need of a Victoria Secret Bra Makeover?

Tyra Banks is looking to give you large chested women tips on how to pick the BEST bra!

Please e mail and send pic ASAP because the shoot is coming up FAST!


Want to be on Chris Rock's HIT New Show - "Everybody Hates Chris"?

We are looking for an Albino (Black) Male between the age of 16-19 years old to appear in an episode of "Everybody Hates Chris." Both Non-Union and Union Extras are eligible to apply. Email photos to:

Please be sure to include your date of birth and contact information. The episode will be shot Wednesday, August 24th in the Los Angeles area.


DR. PHIL SHOW: Can't Get A Date Because of Your Body's Imperfections?


Do you feel you can't get a date because of your body? Do you have a great body by most standards, but you feel your BUTT is too big, TUMMY too soft, or you have a little cellulite???

Do your friends and family tell you you have a GREAT body but you see something different, and you feel it's somehow holding you back with guys?

If so, The Dr. Phil Show will be doing a fun experiment and we're looking for women like you! If people tell you you have a good body, but you think your imperfections keep you from finding dates, we want to hear from you!


and one more:

Child Hand Models needed - boys and girls

4-year-old Parts agency is seeking child hand models between the ages of 9 and 13. We need both male and female child hand models for print, television, film and commercials.

Parents - please use a digital camera to photograph your child's hands in the following manner and then e-mail the photos to us for consideration. If we are interested, we will invite you and the child in for a meeting so that we might see the hands in person.

--Palms of the hands
--Tops of the hands
--Profile view of the hands
--Include one shot that shows the hands up to the elbows

OK, pervs, keep your camera away from my kid's hands.

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sandra said...

i`d like to take part in any of ur show!!! Please contact me if u need someone!