Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Save the Derby

The Skunks of Los Feliz, which has been closely following the impending destruction of the Derby/Louise's building at the corner of Hillhurst and Los Feliz, points us to a new Save the Derby blog.

As first reported earlier this summer, Adler Realty plans to secure a zoning change allowing for a mixed-used housing/commercial development on the site. quickly launched the Save the Derby site, and the the Los Angeles Conservancy's Modern Committee also got involved.

A one-time home to the Los Feliz branch of the famed Brown Derby chain, the building more recently earned fame as the backdrop to the 1996 feature "Swingers."

Now, it looks like Adler is looking to bring Whole Foods into the space -- at least, if these renderings provided to the Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council are any indication:

I'm all for Whole Foods -- but I'd rather they take over the run-down Albertsons down the block on Hillhurst.

Meanwhile, the Skunks suggest attending the Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council meeting on Nov. 10 to express your concerns over the proposal -- and sign the petition.

UPDATE: The creator of the Derby blog notes in the comments below that there's actually another meeting you should attend:

I'm worried though your site and the Skunks site both have a date for a meeting on Nov. 10th. However the postcard we recieved in the mail stated a neighborhood meeting with Adler Realty on Oct 26th at 7pm to discuss the Derby/Hillhurst Square.

(Postcard shot via Save the Derby.)

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