Monday, November 7, 2005

Wag the Dog

Everyone's favorite hot dog-shaped hot dog stand, Tail 'O the Pup, is in danger of closing at the end of the month. First learned of the news via Pat at Eating L.A., where she wrote that she knows several people who will be upset if the iconic structure shuts down.

Chowhound has more details:

Stopped by the Tail this afternoon & I over heard Dennis Blake, the owner with his father, Eddie Blake telling a diner that he is being forced to close in 30 days. Another institution being destroyed by a developer. Evidently, the hospital( Sinai ) sold the property to Regent Development Co. who will re=do the whole corner. What next, the Apple Pan, Pink's? 55 years of serving dogs and then adios.Maybe they can find another location to move the Pup just as they did the last time. Does anybody have an idea or location for these guys? Let's save the Pup.

While not nearly as popular as Pink's, Tail 'O the Pup is an institution. And represents a dying breed of architecture shaped like the food the occupant sells. (See Randy's Donuts, or The Donut Hole.)

Tail 'O The Pup has already moved once, after construction (of the Beverly Center, according to one Chowhound poster) pushed the joint out of its original home.

It's been a mixed year in terms of saving small food shacks. Jay's Jayburger in Silver Lake disappeared. But West Hollywood's Irv's Burgers was saved.


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