Friday, January 27, 2006

Land of Lincoln: The Answer

We asked you earlier this week to identify the location of Abe Lincoln, kicking back on a park bench.

Some of your guesses:

I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing that it's in the new chess area on Brand. Ave between Brand Books and that weird vocational college.
Is this statue located at the Buena Vista Library in Burbank, CA...the library is fairly new and it is called: Lincoln Park.
In the small park before that black and white office building on Crescent near Wilshire Blvd. This used to be near Wilshire on Beverly Drive (for a brief spell) near the George Lundeen Thomas Jefferson bench statue - both of which recently got yanked. Or at least a near-replica of this was on Beverly Drive.
Inside every one of my nightmares.
Is this in Glendale in the shopping are across the street from the Exchange theatres?

Turns out Kan Mattoo (who said "Cerritos") was closest: This relaxed Lincoln was indeed found in Cerritos, at the city's newly renovated Liberty Park Community Center.

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