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Friday, February 3, 2006

The Angry Angeleno Gets It On

God bless KCOP/Channel 13 news. Er, "news." It's not bad enough Rick Garcia and Lauren Sanchez dance on set, make strange sounds while the other is reading the news (Rick: "Two people died Tuesday..." Lauren: "Ooof!") and do a segment where they stamp odd news stories with their own take ("A man wins the lotto. Stamp this one LUCKY S.O.B.!")

Now the newscast has introduced a comedy segment. Yes, that's right: A comedian named Ernie G. has joined the cast of "13 News" as the "Angry Angeleno" (wait, does everyone get nicknames? I know Ron Fineman has a few suggestions for Lauren Sanchez!). According to Eddie G's site:

Ernie G “The Angry Angeleno” will get to be The Voice of the People, by venting common complaints shared by many ‘Angelenos’ (ie: L.A. traffic, gas prices, rude people, etc.), while providing edgy social commentary and witty comic relief to the newscast.
Already known for its sleek, sexy look; hip, unconventional format, and attractive, charismatic news anchors, UPN 13 News is an industry leader in aggressively targeting a more culturally diverse and relevant viewing audience. By adding Ernie G, “The Angry Angeleno” to its line-up, FOX & UPN Executives hope to capitalize on the comedian’s growing popularity, while also attract an even broader, more diverse audience, which most accurately represents L.A.’s fastest growing population.
“The Angry Angeleno will offer our viewers a fresh and funny perspective on life as an Angeleno, while sending them off with a good laugh,” Jose Rios, V. P. of News - KTTV FOX 11 and KCOP UPN 13, “We’re excited to have Ernie on board.”
You can catch Ernie G as “The Angry Angeleno” every Tuesday & Thursday night on UPN 13 News at 11pm!!

Of course, gimmicks are nothing new in local TV news. Remember Channel 2's goofy consumer reporter Mike "Bogus" Boguslawski? But I'll say it again, I could live with what they're doing on Channel 13... if they didn't call it news. It's a late night version of a morning chat show -- What about my earlier suggestion, "Good Night L.A."?

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