Friday, September 1, 2006

'Round the Blog-LA-Sphere

Holy crap, I should trademark that. I better not catch any of you using the term "Blog-LA-Sphere"!

Anyway, I've been off this week -- and yes, yesterday was my birthday -- so posting's been light this week. Just to keep things alive here, I'm going to go the lazy route this morning and letcha know what's going on elsewhere in the... wait for it... Blog-LA-Sphere! (Admit it, it's catchy.) Here goes:

Losanjealous shares the lyrics to the Tito's Tacos theme song, in both English and Spanish.

Blogdowntown asks: What's the story with downtown's "New Story Building"? Eric does a little digging, and finds the answer.

The LA City Nerd presents the Seven Tunnels of Los Angeles.

Best idea I've heard yet on how to divide the "Survivor" teams comes from Kate at Fishbowl LA. Forget the controversial divide along racial lines: Given the large number of Angelenos (including several with past acting jobs), Kate thinks the teams should be aligned in Variety fashion: Pro vs. non-pro.

Best coffee under a dollar, according to the Atwater Village Newbie? The vending machine outside the weight room at the Los Angeles Police Academy.

A reader chimes in, however, and notes the economical coffee at Philippe's.

I'll do one better, and give you a hint on the best free (albeit, vending machine) coffee I've found: The machine at Rusnak Volvo in Pasadena. I almost look forward to bringing Maria's car in for a check-up, because it means I can sneak into the waiting room and fill up on the vending machine Vanilla Latte. It's strangely good -- mostly, of course, because it's free.

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