Wednesday, November 15, 2006

To Live and Pie in L.A.

We all know where to get amazing ice cream in Los Angeles. We continue to document the city's growing cupcake population. Milkshakes? Did it this summer.

Now, on to a new burning question: Where can you find the best pie in Los Angeles?

I'm actually asking on behalf of a Franklin Avenue reader (who I'll keep anonymous for now, since she's got a personal reason for needing to find the perfect pie).

Reader X asks: "Do you have any advice on where to get an awesome Dutch apple pie?"

Where do you go for pie? Chains like Marie Callender's? Los Feliz's landmark House of Pies? Pasadena's Pie N Burger? West L.A.'s Apple Pan?

Here's Citysearch's list of L.A.'s top 7 spots for pie. Add your own picks in the comments below.

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