Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wielding a Blogging Knife

Variety has unveiled its latest blog, The Knife, a food-centric site headed up by film editor Dana Harris. Dana writes:

I’ll look at new restaurants angling for your expense accounts and let you know if old standbys still make the cut. I’ll tell you if there’s unpleasant surprises at the valet stand, if the chairs are comfortable, if you can hear yourself speak, if you can’t get out for under $100, how much they're marking up the wine, where you can eat halfway between two studios, where there’s private rooms and where you wouldn’t want to be caught dead.

The Knife is because Hollywood wouldn’t work without back-to-back breakfast meetings, lunches booked weeks in advance and the calculations of whether someone is worth drinks or dinner. And just because our "good" restaurants are often judged by who's next to your table rather than what's on your plate, that’s no reason you shouldn’t eat well.

The blog's first post revolves around the long-awaited Nancy Silverton/Mario Batali joint Pizzeria Mozza.

Speaking of the new pizza outpost, Maria will be dining there tomorrow, and she promises a Rate-A-Restaurant review later this week. Stay tuned!

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