Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Yummy Cupcakes Lives Up to Its Name

In Burbank on Sunday, we decided to swing by Yummy Cupcakes. I'd sampled Yummy's delicious 'cakes in the past, but had never been to the actual store to witness where the magic happened.

What's unique about the L.A. cupcake boom -- which came about five years after New York's cupcake explosion -- is its sheer mix of flavors. Like Beverly Hills' Sprinkles and Sherman Oaks' Leda's Bake Shop, Yummy specializes in unique cupcakes. Save the chocolate and vanilla for store-bought 'cakes from Ralphs. (Standard flavors are still here, but why go that route, when you've got these specialized cupcakes for sale?)

Six cupcakes! To be fair, my parents were in town -- so the four of us split the six cakes above. Including ours: the Lemon Tart, Brown Sugar Cinnamon and Coffee flavors.

The Yummy folks were OK with me taking pics around the store -- until I took a shot of the menu (above). That's when suddenly I was told "no pics." That was fine -- I had taken the pics I'd wanted. Guess not everyone's into free publicity.

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