Thursday, December 7, 2006

Meet the Bird Man

Kudos to Will Campbell, who managed to interview the elusive man behind those hanging birds found on wires all over Los Angeles (which I wrote about just a few days ago here).

The artist, who goes by aliases including 4eightyone and "berd," declines to tell Will the meaning behind the birds, and says the project began on a lark:

"My whole thing is -- and I don't know if it sounds selfish -- it was really about me just having fun...I haven't really released or told anyone the meaning of it. The thing is I've heard so many different interpretations. People think they're about "peace" or they're this and that. And I'm fine with that. Let them have that. I'm not going to dispute it. I don't like to use this example but it's like when a kid finds out there's no santa. Why should I take the imagination and mystery away from somebody?"

The mystery bird man says he's installed at least 200 birds around town, and has also put some up in San Francisco and Santa Barbara. Next up: He'll be adding some birds to New York next week, and hopes to travel to France in March to add some there as well.

(Flickr photo by SnarkyDork.)

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