Monday, April 23, 2007

Shameless Plug: Introducing the All-New MPress Studio Website/Store!

Mike always asks me when I'm going to stop the boycott and start writing on this blog again. Truth is, he's just better at writing and I'm more interested in making things. Plus, between you and me, the guy is just obsessed about "feeding the beast." His words, not mine.

Anyway, for the past few months I've been very busy updating my letterpress site. If you can, please check it out. Poke around and you'll find some cool stuff that I've created for the site, like what kind of presses I have, a demonstration of the letterpress technique... and my new online shop.

Have you ever thought about ordering some personalized notecards for yourself or as a gift? Well, now you can from MPress Studio -- and they will be letterpressed to boot. Consider it a slightly more personal alternative than buying from a store.

I hope you enjoy the new site. Okay, now it's time to make Mike smile by posting a restaurant review or two.

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