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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Angeleno of the Week: The Man Who Threw The Book at Paris Hilton

Give this man a syndicated court show. Judge Michael T. Sauer immediately gained the respect of many tabloid-loving, entertainment-obsessed Americans (the kind that actually watch those cheesy courtroom strips) by simply demanding that socialite Paris Hilton do some hard time.

Of course, that hard time won't likely be the 45 days the judge ordered (I'd be happy with even just a few)... and the judge dismissed a TMZ report that he was given a standing ovation at his church (I prefer to believe that one anyway).

From this week's LA Times profile of the judge:

Making references at points to Shakespeare's "Henry V" and the Watergate scandal, Sauer repeatedly questioned Hilton on her understanding of the restrictions of her license suspension — stemming from a September 2006 alcohol-related reckless driving charge. Hilton claimed she mistakenly thought she was still allowed to drive as long as it was for work. Sauer, referencing Watergate, said he sought to understand what Hilton knew and when she knew it.

His ruling, forgoing lighter sentences that wouldn't have involved jail time, indicates that Sauer didn't fully believe Hilton's claims. Since the original incident last fall, Hilton has been pulled over three more times, and each time warned or cited by the officer for driving with a suspended license.

Referencing Henry V and Watergate to an undereducated rich celeb who I'm 100% sure didn't recognize either... we like him even more. That's why Judge Michael Sauer is our Angeleno of the Week!

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