Friday, May 25, 2007

Rate-A-Restaurant, #131 in a series

Restaurant: La Creperie

Location: 4911 E. Second Street (Long Beach)

Type of restaurant: French/crepes

We stipulated: We usually talk our pals Anthony and Candice -- with Evan's gal pal Sophia -- into coming up north to hang out in Glendale and L.A. It was definitely our turn to head down to Long Beach. They suggested La Creperie, in the walkable Belmont Shore neighborhood.

What they stipulated: Smaller, cheaper lunch-portion crepes are only available on the weekdays.

What we ordered: CREPE CARBONARA (Bacon in a garlic parmesan cream sauce topped with pesto sauce; $9.95)

AU BON CURRY (Blend of curry, coconut milk, chicken finished with a cilantro cream sauce and topped with sour cream and mango chutney; $11.95)

AL MARE (Jumbo shrimp, sun-dried and plum tomatoes, Shitake and button mushrooms, shallots in a lobster basil cream sauce; $13.95)

THE SOUTHWEST (Southwestern style crepes filled with fresh avocado, green chilis, tomatoes, cilantro and scrambled eggs, with homemade salsa and sour cream; $9)

Grilled ham and cheese sandwich with French fries (for the kids; $7)

Dessert (yeah, we went a little nuts): LA TRAVIATTA (Caramelized apple and cinnamon with brown sugar and apple brandy; $7)

High point: I'd have to say the Al Mare and the Au Bon Curry were our two faves. The Southwest was a tad too ordinary, while the Carbonara was too salty.

Low point: Less is more -- they pack in too much of the ingredients per crepe and the sauces are too rich. For instance, the potatoes and sour cream from the Au Bon Curry would not be missed if they were taken out.

Overall impression: Not a place you can eat at too often without setting your cholesterol levels off the charts. But a nice once-a-year spot that's kid-friendly and good for larger groups (the portions are large enough that you'll be sharing with the table).

Chance we will go back:: Not immediately, but once I get that cholesterol back in check.

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