Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rate-A-Restaurant, Extreme Bathroom Edition

Funny enough, Maria and I thought about doing this a long time ago, but never did. Instead, new blog Restaurant Restroom Rater is doing the dirty work -- and I mean that literally. The RRRater is hitting eatery bathrooms throughout Southern California, and pointing out the good, the bad... and the gross.

The RRRater's reviews are simple, three- or four-word summaries of some of the highlights and lowlights. For example, this is his take on the The Cliff Laguna Beach (above):

.funky shaving mirror
.adjacent stall laced with t.p.
.rr cleaning schedule needs tidying
.The Cliff Laguna Beach sunsets are phenom

Any of you have a fave or least favorite public restroom out there? I would have to say LAX's restrooms make it tough to leave on a flight with an empty bladder. I've taken to just waiting until I board the plane...

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