Friday, July 27, 2007

Mountain Lion or Cougar (or Bobcat?) Spotted in Silver Lake

"Yes indeed, your small animals and children do look delicious."

Keep your eyes peeled, Silver Lakers: There's a mountain lion or cougar hanging out in your 'hood.

That's the word from Franklin Avenue reader Stephanie, who emails us this warning:

I live in Silver Lake on Silver Ridge Avenue and am just letting people know that this morning (Friday, July 27) at 9AM my husband and I saw a Mountain Lion (or Cougar) in our neighborhood while walking our pug.

It was on a hillside between two homes. It had a long body and a long tail and was quite large. It was above us and didn't see us -- so we just kept our distance. We reported it to animal services and the Wildlife Ranger will be investigating and
hopefully posting warning signs.

But... I just wanted people to know and be aware. It was actually really amazing to see it, though we were at such a safe distance. The sighting was near the intersection of Silver Ridge Avenue and Lake View. The Wildlife Ranger said he thought it was most likely a Bobcat, but it looked more like a mountain lion or a cougar.

There you go -- make sure your little ones don't double as snack food tonight!

(Flickr pic by Nikographer [Jon].)

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