Thursday, August 9, 2007

"The Real World" Returns to Los Angeles, 14 Years Later

Wow, has it really been 14 years since the second season of "The Real World," which took place in Los Angeles (Venice, to be exact)?

Now, the show -- in its 20th cycle, believe it or not -- is coming back to town. And this time, "The Real World" will take place in Hollywood. (Drunken antics to follow.)

MTV has ordered 24 episodes of the show, which will shoot this fall and air in the first quarter of 2008. And here's something you haven't seen in a while from "The Real World": an actual message to the madness. "The Real World: Hollywood" will go green (what isn't, these days?). From the press release:

In a groundbreaking initiative for the network, this new season will go "green" and introduce today's youth to the ways in which they can incorporate environmentally-friendly household items and make eco-friendly lifestyle choices, as seen on "The Real World" into their everyday lives.

A leader in pop-culture, MTV will showcase many of the ways in which viewers at home can participate in "green" practices every day with an intimate look at the sustainable and energy-efficient choices made in the construction of the house. By partnering with thinkMTV and working with a wide range of environmentally-friendly manufacturers, the 20th season will continue to set the standard for aspirational home design, this time with an eco-friendly twist.

"The Real World" house will include everything from solar energy solutions to bamboo flooring, recycled glass counters, some sustainable furniture and recycled vintage d├ęcor, energy star appliances, a solar heated swimming pool and energy efficient lighting. Additionally, Bunim-Murray Productions has taken measures to reduce its environmental impact by adopting more environmentally-sound production practices on set. They also are working towards making the production and show carbon-neutral by offsetting remaining carbon emissions after these carbon reducing measures are applied. Eco-friendly elements will be added on a regular basis throughout production and within the show, including products seen with the cast and around the house...

"Coming back to Los Angeles after 14 years, where else but Hollywood could MTV have brought 'The Real World'?" said Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti, whose 13th district includes the production's location. "The combination of reality-TV excitement with strong ecological practices is a natural fit for Hollywood, the world's capital of entertainment and the place to look for the future of building a sustainable city."

"The Real World: Hollywood" will also include the first-ever viewer-chosen housemate. After 2.9 million total votes cast throughout the contest, someone who goes by the handle "Pretyboy," from Daytona Beach, Fla., will join the other six housemates.

"The Real World: Los Angeles" -- remember these folks?

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