Monday, September 24, 2007

Gordon Ramsay's Los Angeles Kitchen Nightmare

New Fox series "Kitchen Nightmares" -- which stars Chef Gordon Ramsay ("Hell's Kitchen") as he serves up some tough love at failing restaurants around the country -- hit several spots in Southern California. (You'll see some of 'em -- including eateries in Moorpark and Tujunga -- in the coming weeks.)

But one L.A. restaurant scheduled to appear on "Kitchen Nightmares" wound up going out of business before the cameras arrived. Chef Ramsay and company were planning on making a visit to Delmonico's on Pico in order to breathe some new life into the fading restaurant (where I'd eaten too many times to remember over the years, usually with people coming from the Fox or Sony lots).

But Delmonico's wound up going out of business at the end of February, right before "Kitchen Nightmares" would have shot there.

Meanwhile, according to this, the Moorpark restaurant visited by Ramsay appears to be The Secret Garden.

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