Monday, October 1, 2007

Rate-A-Restaurant, #148 in a series

(Flickr pic by LilHils.)

Restaurant: Chaya Brasserie

Location: 8741 Alden Dr. (Beverly Hills-adjacent)

Type of restaurant: Asian/French

We stipulated: Looking for a business lunch spot in the area -- but wanted to avoid the usual power lunch suspects, like The Grill (which I can't stand)

(Flickr pic by jenster181.)

What we ordered: Bento box (mini portions of fish, salad, sushi and vegetables)

High point: That bento box is what keeps me coming back. A nice mix of styles and flavors, it's borderline excessive -- yet doesn't ever cross the line. And everytime I order it, someone at the table regrets not ordering it either.

Low point: Finding Chaya is surprisingly difficult, given the small street its on and the slightly confusing nature of nearby Robertson. And parking is not realistic, so valet parking you must.

Overall impression: For some reason, other than certain companies, Chaya doesn't immediately pop into mind for business lunch. I don't know why; its menu is definitely more interesting and diverse than the usual, dull standbys.

Chance we will go back:: Of course, the prices are definitely a little higher than where I generally want to go -- hence its status as a business lunch spot in my mind. It'll be difficult to make it out there casually (including with Maria) at other times.

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